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In schools, we are taught how to improve our logical faculties in regards to science, math, language, literature, and sports. Yet we are not told how to apply logic to our emotions. In fact emotions are often seen as the opposite of logic: illogical. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

With teaching and practice, we can learn to logically analyze our emotions and achieve a balanced perspective on our situational circumstances. This will not only allow us to handle breakups, job losses, and the immense stress that come with participating in a digitally-connected and competitive world. It will also allow us to extend our emotional perspective to society as a whole. And with such a collective understanding of our emotional states, we can acknowledge the reasons behind our societal ails and fight them at their sources.

So join me in investigating into why our society suffers from sexism, racism, wage inequality, corporate greed, stimulation addiction, eating disorders, bipartisan arguments, immigration issues and so forth, so that we can build our emotional intelligence as a collective and help make the world a more thoughtful, sympathetic, and lasting place.

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