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This website is a collection of essays and literary fiction short stories with the aim of helping the reader improve on their emotional awareness. 

(If this is your first time reading my work, I suggest starting with this short story or this essay.)

In schools, we are taught how to improve our logical faculties in regards to science, math, language, literature, and sports. Yet we are not told how to apply logic to our emotions. In fact emotions are often seen as the opposite of logic: illogical. 

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

With teaching and practice, we can learn to logically analyze our emotions and achieve a balanced perspective on our situational circumstances. This will not only allow us to handle breakups, job losses, and the immense stress that comes with participating in a digitally-connected and competitive world. It will also allow us to extend our emotional perspective to society as a whole. And with such a collective understanding of our emotional states, we can acknowledge the reasons behind our societal ails and fight them at their sources.

One manner in which we can improve our emotional awareness is through reading. Essays and non-fiction allow us to develop our emotional intelligence through logical concepts that we can apply directly to our lives. Literature provides us with perspectives and circumstances that differ from our own, giving us avenues to analyze not only our personal emotional states and reactions, but the emotional states and reactions of others as well.

In this website, I have chosen to focus on both literary pursuits in order to give people a two-fold advantage in building their emotional aptitude: from the top- down (societal to personal) with essays and from the bottom-up (personal to societal) with literature; all with the eventual goal of implementing emotional intelligence classes in schools, work places, and community spaces.

But for now, join me in reading my philosophical essays and literary fiction short stories so that we can make the world a more thoughtful and sympathetic place, one reader at a time. 

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